The abyss of thoughts

disabled is the feeling when the heart is rust

when the flames of desire puts off and no more lust

had been pushed down beneath the earth’s crust

trapped in the abyss of thoughts and the soul is cuffed

in agony it suffers when it is conquered by darkness

when the prayers are done

and the body is away from the sun

alive or dead, numb it felt though torutured with achness

Like a Phoenix i must be burnt to be resurrected

From my ashes i shall rise i was a volcano that once erupted

Burning down the soil that was diseased and corrupted

I shall retrieve my soul and my heart who were abducted

From the world’s hideous chain i shall be free again

On top of the highest mountain

I shall fly above the world that has gone insane

From the very same soil i shall be revived after the fall of the rain