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The One Chapter

On a fine sunny day,

A moment took place

A moment, and I was never again the same

When the eyes locked,

The intensity

Thriving shivers

Words ceased

Heart quivered

Revealing, I could not

The moment fled by

I stayed

Darkness is my light

I only live in the shades

Years passed by

Heart, never, unchanged

From the moment I laid my eyes

On that smile

The moment I trembled

The moment I lost sense of I

A decade has been over

Yet I recall

Enduring all the pain

Of that one flashback

I could have stayed

Fear overwhelmed

The night slipped away

Feet on the ground

Steadiness fled

Hardly Spoke one line

Aligned with your back

Stood still, as I left


were the rivers

I have shed

A pattern, I recalled

Instantly, I was gone


Had I stayed

Wouldn’t this had gone astray?



The right words

I erased

Fear is my fellow

Taught to live in the shadows

Unraveled state

A memory to you

Is my daily battle

The one genuine truth

I couldn’t risk waiting for to happen

If I speak few lines

A very short rhyme

Will you even believe

Or blame it on the wilderness

Of my untamed sides

For that I have buried myself in lies

Till my eyes fell on the same sight,

PS: I have tried

Concealing the aching truth, disguised

Wiped off the chronic hopes


Chances of rejoice

The one chapter of my life

I have lost

Before writing

That headline

I just could not

Never, will I.

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