This series is intended to invoke relatability while accentuating beauty of metamorphosis. The pressure of indecisiveness when ones are faced with cross-roads, the terrifying constant factor of the unknown; when it is an indefinite destination to any path. The fierceness in colors, wars between warm and cold shades, the alienating features and faceless beings are all part of demonstrating self image while undergoing major change. When ones feel lost within, the tragic in being translucent to themselves becomes a struggle. In that sense, all paintings in the series are created consecutively as a depiction of emotional fluctuations, hidden battles within while redefining norms, In that sense, its the resemblance of metamorphosis with hindsight; an evolved visualization of how what a caterpillar calls the end, is a birth of a butterfly, the relatable aspect; is that the caterpillar will never foresee the end, but when it is time, it flies.