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December'18 - Gestalt Institute - Cairo, Egypt

Lost Reflections

Group Exhibition

December 1st - 2018

Mental Health Awareness initiative 

Proud to have taken Part in Lost Reflections Exhibition for A Mental Health initiative

By: Gestalt Institute, Cairo, Egypt

All Guards Down, was the chosen Art Series for the Exhibition, Curated by the institute staff in collaboration with a committee of Art Therapists. 

Exhibited Artworks demonstrate how Letting your guards down is the only way to manifest your desires and dreams, By shamelessly being your True Self and Embracing all your sides, through self-Compassion.


February'19 - Arte Aurora - Barcelona, Spain


Group Exhibition

February - 2019

Curated By: Fatma Gul

Represented by Artness System in collaboration with Arte Aurora

Two of my Artworks from Translucent Series were selected to be exhibited from 1st - 5th February 2019 - The paintings selected were:

The Striker

Inspired by Societal conflicts and the struggle behind growing past them in the middle east. 


Inspired by the Art of letting go;

People sometimes hold onto everything that seems familiar out of fear of the unknown, Shine however, communicates the one way to evolve is through letting go. 

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