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Since the first cry when the eyes opened through the first steps and first words First day of school and first friendship bond mended Our hearts got shattered scattered between two worlds.

In a loop we found ourselves pulled through Confusion is always the state when we are in

When overthinking hits us to whom our hearts belong to between love and hate our conscious will be suffering

As our eyes catch a lot and minds in thoughts they keep rolling In regret of the past and worries of the future we keep on scrolling In the present we forget to live enjoy and embrace life We forget that there is a whole sea of universe into it we should dive

Lessons we are submitted to, an obligatory courses attandence is a must No run away or a getaway car to escape from wherever we go there is a bust To the wind of changes we must get adapt to to clean out the accumulated dust through hardships and unanswered questions we go to-strengthen our crust

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