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A quest

Mischievous the hearts can be

Deceiving what the eyes cannot clearly see

Out of mortal bodies ,souls wants to flee

In conquest to salvation seeking the immortality kingdom’s key

A pilgrimage for cleansing the heart from the worlds’ impurities

A self enlightenment to get over the insecurities

On top of the highest mountain i look up to ,regarding the difficulties

To move forward and keep on going to give up is no choice or other possibilities

To the disturbance on my water i shall

Strive for putting it to an end

To be finally able to see my own reflection clearly with no image bent

My soul was lost among the crowds of inhumanity , i couldnt blend

A voice was calling me to escape for the sake of myself and for the wounds that couldnt mend

A riddance from all the glooms i ask the divine

To perish for all the dreams i couldnt define

To cherish the light that would set my heart to refine

For all the restrictions and labelings i refuse to live a life that isnt mine

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Thank you very much , appreciated ❤️😄


Mahmoud Elhadary
Mahmoud Elhadary
Jun 09, 2018

I love everything about this poem, the rhyming, the word choice, the message it has. ♥️

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