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A gaze through the self


Without darkness light wouldn't be known

Without suffering mercy couldn't be shown

Without tears laughter wouldn't have grown

Without love heart would have been stone

Acknowledgment of the self is a must

For thee soul could end in rust

The journey of life it is, long ride quest

Ease my friend put ur heart at rest

Elevate your soul to the enlightenment nest

Open the curtains of cloudy sky of your heart

For the universe you are a part

Connect yourself with whom painted this art

Behold the scenery of everything living from the very start

To the universe built in you seek and search for grace

For the Joyce and wonder written or drawn cherish

Cast away the pessimism let it perish

Open your arms for optimism and to miracles brace

Once you reach , enter a phase

Bounded with no time or place

Floating in a dimensionless space

You are here , no longer lost in a maze

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