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A roll for a blaze

Loads by tons on the shoulders

In shape of obstacles and boarders

Clinching feeding on me alive

To salvation am looking , for it i strive

Imprisoned in solitary cell of my thoughts

My fears are the warden the prison commissioner

Beaten pounded upon , by all means i fought

Dreams became nightmares and the world is the executioner

Freckles sparks of light am searching

By toxic venom i have been injected

Running through the veins etching

My mind is infected and it should be evicted

The rope of hope to the rescue i got lost to

In a limbo i found myself stuck into

For a serum a cure or a wake up call

A blaze of resurrection of revival i roll

through the cracks on the walls of my enlightenment conquered my fears

In harmony with nature i found and to its melody my heart hears

i was revived ,to my sight i retrived and my soul was blazed by what i saw

The heavenly beauty life held to it i my must adapt like water running flow

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